Thursday, August 4, 2016

A tutorial of how I make my clocks:

A tutorial of how I make my clocks:
By Manfred Rieder

People often ask me how to make a small clock. Well, let us build one: First I select a piece of lumber like this plank of long leaf yellow pine and square it up on the  table saw:

Next, I select the size I wish the clock body to be and trim it:

When this is done, I also cut the side columns:

Now I also have cut a base and a top and we will trial assemble the clock:

Next step is crucial. Carefully measure and center where you wish the movement to be placed:

Now we have to bore a hole. For this you need the correct Fostner bit;

Voila - a clock body is born:

Now everything gets sanded on all sides. I use a combination disk and belt sander for this.

I like to add decorative cuts on the clock front:

Time to glue up the columns, top
and base:

Now, after everything dries, I soak the wood with a combination of beeswax and orange oil, let it dry for an hour and the polish it with a lint free cloth. This brings out the natural beauty of the grain.

Now all that remains is to add a movement with a new battery installed and to put it on the shelf with all the other projects in progress: